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:Jump head first into development with our '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Development/Tutorials|Tutorials]]''' or take a peek at the various [[Special:MyLanguage/Development/Tools|Tools]] used by KDE and Qt programmers.
:Jump head first into development with our '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Development/Tutorials|Tutorials]]''' or take a peek at the various [[Special:MyLanguage/Development/Tools|Tools]] used by KDE and Qt programmers.
= KDE Projects = <!--T:61-->
== KDE Projects == <!--T:61-->

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Welcome to the TechBase Wiki! This site contains the information developers need to use KDE Frameworks and application libraries for their own software projects. Here you will find tutorials and guides for using KDE Frameworks to create rich and well-behaved Qt applications, Plasma and KWin API for writing applets and scripts, Marble API to provide mapping functionality for your product, and more.

If you're interested in getting involved in KDE, please head over to the Community Wiki to see the different ways to contribute and be part of the community.

Don't know yet where to go? Check our Getting Started guide to begin your adventure!

Konqui frameworks cropped.png
KDE Frameworks (KF5)
Want to develop a powerful Qt application or take your current one to the next level? Try using the KDE Frameworks, a set of powerful libraries built on top of Qt. It includes utility classes like KArchive for file compression, KItemModels for extending Qt's Model/View framework, or Kirigami for creating responsive and convergent applications for mobile, desktop, and anything in between.

Jump head first into development with our Tutorials or take a peek at the various Tools used by KDE and Qt programmers.

KDE Projects

Extra CMake Modules
Save yourself time and frustration when searching for and including KDE Frameworks and libraries.
520px-Mascot 20140702 konqui-plasma.png
Learn how to extend and build on KDE's powerful workspace.
Add audio or video to your application without breaking a sweat.
Customize KDE's powerful IDE for your own workflow.
Mascot 20140731 konqui-app-utilities.png
Mails, calendars, and contacts, all in one roof.
(External link) Create the tool that creates masterpieces.
Documentation of Marble plugins and API
Empower productivity plugins.
Latte Dock
Replacement Docks and Panels for Plasma Desktops. Provides an elegant and intuitive experience for your tasks and plasmoids

Outdated products

Language Bindings
Bindings for Qt 4 and KDE 4 (kdelibs)

Before editing the wiki, look at this page to see where to add content.

If you want a real book to learn how to use the Frameworks, please read there, on our community pages!

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