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== Sugestões e Dicas ==  
== Sugestões e Dicas ==  
=== Image display instructions ===  
=== Instruções de exibição de imagem ===  
A typical example is <nowiki>[[Image:Plasma-kickoff.jpg|right|160px]]</nowiki>.  The whole of this is a system instruction on how to display the image.  None of it is translated.
A typical example is <nowiki>[[Image:Plasma-kickoff.jpg|right|160px]]</nowiki>.  The whole of this is a system instruction on how to display the image.  None of it is translated.

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Ferramentas Disponíveis

Fluxo de Trabalho

  • Solicite adição ao grupo de tradutores:
    • Clique em Get a Translator Account na barra lateral
    • Clique no Edit ícone Userbase-edit.png e digite seu nome de usuário, o idioma que deseja traduzir e se você pretende traduzir off-line
    • Use Save page para salvar as informações
  • Quando o seu usuário for adicionado ao grupo (você deve receber uma notificação), clique em Start Translating na barra lateral
  • Digite o idioma que deseja traduzir em Language code e clique em Go
Inserindo en (inglês) como o código do idioma não serão exibidas quaisquer mensagens não traduzidas já que todo o conteúdo original está escrito em inglês

  • Clique sobre a página que você deseja traduzir na lista
  • Na Translate page defina View all untranslated message na primeira lista suspensa
  • Verifique se o código do idioma correto está sendo mostrado
  • Na seção Navigation, clique sobre o link à esquerda da mensagem que você deseja traduzir
  • Digite a tradução - uma tradução do Google é fornecida para referência, mas sua própria tradução é geralmente preferida.
  • Clique em Save and open next para continuar com a próxima mensagem ou Save page para salvar a tradução se desejar parar de trabalhar.
Não crie uma página localizada variante manualmente (digitando pagename/langcode e tentando traduzir a original). Isso atrapalhará o sistema de tradução e nenhuma tradução será mostrada.

Sugestões e Dicas

Instruções de exibição de imagem

A typical example is [[Image:Plasma-kickoff.jpg|right|160px]]. The whole of this is a system instruction on how to display the image. None of it is translated.

Category statements

In this context, think of the word "Category" as a system word which therefore should not be translated. For example, [[Category:Administration]] would become [[Category:Administrasi/id]]

For consistency, UserBase has lists of approved translations of categories. Translation teams may find a similar list useful. Such tables can be seen at Translation Help Needed. Please request help if you need it.

Links to other pages on TechBase

These take the form [[Special:myLanguage/Other page|link text]] The link should remain untranslated, whereas the link text should always be translated. If no link text is present, please add suitable (translated) link text.

Note: "myLanguage" will try to load the translated version of the link in the language you have set in your user preferences. If it fails to load it will just load the English original, so it is safe to use it for any internal link.

Links to external sites

These take the form [http://example.com link text]. Like the internal links, retain the actual link and translate the link text.

Links in the Sidebar

Instructions for translating those sidebar links can be found at Modifying_the_Sidebar#Translating_Sidebar_Items


These generally consist of a header word "Information" and an editable information text. If the word "Information" is not recognizable in your language you may need a localized version of the template. Please ask if you need help with this.

Translated units are marked as fuzzy

Sometimes it may happen that you have translated a page, but the translation is marked as incomplete. Certain errors in the markup of the original page can cause this. The most common type of error is the appearance of unbalanced brackets or parentheses. The translation system requires that all opening brackets ('[', '{' or '(' ) have a matching closing bracket (']', '}' or ')' ) in the same translation unit, otherwise the translation is considered incomplete.

The same rule is not enforced by the wiki software, so it is easy for writers to miss those mistakes. If a bracket character is simply missing, just add it. However, sometimes the bracketed content extends over more than one translation unit, so that the matching closing bracket is in later unit. In this case you need to balance brackets in both units, but you can't simply add bracket characters without changing the meaning or formatting, so you must must comment out the added bracket character, like this

<!--}}-->{{Info|1=Beginning of long info box... 

and in a later unit

 ...end of long info box}}<!--{{-->

If the offending bracket is part of a smiley, please replace it with an emoticon icon. For the standard smiley, :-), you can use the template {{Smiley}}

Please also correct the original page so other translators won't have the same problem, or leave a message on the discussion page.

Language Statistics discrepancies

You may notice some slight discrepancy between the percentages stated on your LanguageStats page and the percentage on the language bar. This is normal. LanguageStats compares only the number of messages that are untranslated or outdated. The language bar statistic tries to be more intelligent. For instance, in one page (100 messages) 8 messages had a small (re-branding-releated) change, in each case, a single word was involved. There was 8% difference between the two statistics, since it was a substantial proportion of the messages, but a small proportion of the whole translation.

If you use the Chromium or Chrome browser...

Be aware that there seems to be some sort of caching problem on the Chromium browser. I have noticed that even with forced refreshes, sometimes statistics do not show up as they should (I have seen other things affected, too), yet if I open the same page in Firefox I see the correct stats.

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