Adding authors to wiki pages seems counterintuitive to me. The wiki is editable by everybody. Why does it matter who the author of a tutorial is? IMHO the only thing that matters is that the tutorial is kept up to date. --Mattr 03:31, 4 January 2007 (CET)

I agree with Matt. I usually add a Initial Author: at the bottom for pages from the old developer wiki code, because they wrote it with often no explicit copyright information. See also this page --Dhaumann 17:36, 4 January 2007 (CET)

‘ki18n’ was not declared in this scope

I don't know if this is the place to post this, but I tried to follow this tutorial and get an "error: ‘ki18n’ was not declared in this scope", when trying to compile using the big command gcc main.cpp ...

Well I change a little the code so it now compiles under KDE4, it seems that the constructor of KAboutDate was changed...


Does the g++ command work for you as described? I needed to add -lQtXml, lQtSvg and lQtNetwork.

I'm getting a 'huge' string of error messages in the underlying include/ files, things like

include/KDE/../kmessagebox.h:1128: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘(’ token but hundreds, possibly thousands of errors apparently affecting nearly every header.

I personally haven't tried the g++ method, that was added by someone else. Does linking against those libraries fix the errors? Does it work for you with the cmake method? --milliams 20:47, 25 January 2008 (CET)
Thanks you, Milliams, it complies with cmake. I copied the g++ instructions, including the additional options, straight from the page and still no joy.

Make and run before explaining the code

As far as I can see,

it presents the code,
explains it, 
shows how to build with g++ (without cmake), 
building with cmake, 
finally running it

Well, I would prefer it to present code and run it (with no explaining), like to a monkey. After showing it works, explaining why it works or how it works. I would find that much more fun this way. Got any ideas why it should not be that way? --Bogdan Bivolaru

The constructor of KAboutData has changed

...or maybe not, I don't know, but in the API doc it is defined with the last two arguments as QByteArray datatype. I was translating this tutorial in italian and, in order to solve this problem, I'd added QByteArray("string...") to the homepage and bugs mail arguments in the main.cpp code (with the right #include of course). Now it build and run like a charm. Maybe it is needed to propagate this little mod over all the tutorial serie? --Fresbeeplayer 12:18, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

How KApplication object has been used

The tutorial creates KApplication object 'app'. But this object has not been used in the program. When I tried compiling after commenting the line 'KApplication app', it gave an error saying I should create a KApplicaion object before I can create other windows. Can some one explain me what is the black magic it is doing there?

Development/Tutorials/Using KXmlGuiWindow and following tutorials should also be translated ??

Strange: 'First Program' is translated in tutorials I try to put a link 'myLanguage' to access Tutorial 2 in french but I return to the English version

What's Next Tutorial 2 - KXmlGuiWindow ==> not 'to be translated'

I think all tutorials should be 'to be translated' ... and may be the reason is they have not been prepared yet

Do we agree? what is the status please ?

Thank you.

10:13, 16 March 2018

Every user with the "administrator" rights can mark the page for translation (you too ;) ).

So, in this case, the only question is "do the documentation writers/users want this to be translated?". I think that the answer is "yes, they do", but it might be that I'm wrong...

13:17, 16 March 2018

Hi all, In "Previous C++, Qt, Building KDE"

The 'Qt URL above is leading to the not answering site of Nokia .com ...strange What should be please the correct url for Qt ? => ?? Thank you.

Translations:Development/Tutorials/First program/37/fr pre=C++, Qt, Building KDE|

14:29, 15 March 2018

Done. Thanks for the hint.

06:02, 16 March 2018

[translation] the T tags should not be associated with code source lines

The C/C++ statements should NOT be included with tags 'for translation' because there is no specific needs. More of that the translations are not accepted due to the problem of the brackets ... which must be protected generating useless work. Please remove/do not generate the corresponding sections.

13:29, 9 February 2018

Ok. Done.

14:12, 9 February 2018

Thanks. It helps a lot. Effect is immediate.

20:37, 25 February 2018

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