Okay, it's starting to get to the point where we need to reorganise this page a little. Some of the sections have 5 or so tutorials (like i18n and dbus) which is perfect because they're all on the same topic. However, the "Getting started" section is messy. All I think should be in there is "Introduction To KDE 4 Programming", "Introduction to CMake", "Using Qt Designer to build user interfaces" and "Debugging your application" since they're all necessary introductory tutorials.
However, we still have a number of tutorials which will have nowhere to go such as "Command-line Args", "Drag and Drop" and other 'one-off' tutorials like those. Maybe a "Misc" category (though those always look messy)?
Any Thoughts? --milliams 23:15, 6 January 2007 (CET)

personally i think it's still premature to do a reorg. once we have a few dozen more tutorials we'll probably have a -much- better idea of what we'll need to do. as for the getting started topic, i completely agree with your assessment aside from debugging, as that has a group of three tutorials already. we could have a "application basics" category for things like command line args and drag and drop? --Aseigo 06:46, 31 January 2007 (CET)

Orphaned Pages

There are 2 tutorials which are not linked to from here, so they are orphaned and nobody will find them. See Orphaned Pages. I am not sure to which section they belong.

TMG 23:10, 30 January 2007 (CET)

good question. i'd put the porting one in its own category to be honest; the qt-dom one might go into the "application basics" category i proposed above since xml parsing is such a common thing now? --Aseigo 06:46, 31 January 2007 (CET)

Programme layout

Hi all, I hope this is the right place to make this observation.

Something that I'd find really useful would be a discussion about project layout for KDE4 applications. How, using CMake, is the best way to layout a non-trivial application? What is the practice with regard to developing library and applications under a single CMake project and creating the correct build dependencies, making sure the includes are handled correctly etc?

I'm not 100% sure what heading this concept should go under. It touches on general development, CMake use and even a bit on SVN layout etc. --Borker

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