Projects/Oxygen/Missing Icons

The page will help Oxygen team to track and produce icons that are currently missing in KDE4. Additionally it will help developers to make requests for icons that they need for KDE4 related projects.

Instructions to fill out the request

  • This page, being a wiki, obviously does not validate your request. Please take care when providing information about the icons. Note that this page is mainly for the team to know where is mostly needed the work, we'll do our best to fullfill your requests for 4.0 but however we can't guarantee that. =)
  • When providing icon names please try to make them compatible with the actual naming scheme.
  • Please provide clear but short descriptions about the icons, it needs to help the artists in imagining a good metaphore to make your icon. This point is extremely important. You may obviously also link your description if it's going to be lengthy. This will help us to manage icon requests, and check if there are any possible duplicates. The most descriptive you are, the best it is for us.
  • Screenshots are sometimes a better way to easily show the usage of the icon. Provide metaphores when possible this will help the artist to visualize our reqest faster and give a better understanding of the reqest.
  • As someone already noted, this is not the right page to complain or make suggestions about existing icon, this is just to know the remaining work.
  • Please sort by module/application/priority

Missing Icons Table

General purpose icons

For icons like the folder, or the desktop.

Icon Name Description / Where can be found? Done? Assigned To
mimetypes/application-x-chm Icon for *.chm (HTML Help files). No
mimetypes/application-x-dvi Icon for *.dvi (files produced by LaTeX). No
mimetypes/application-x-fictionbook Icon for *.fb2 (FictionBook document, opens in Okular) and soon *.fb3 (not sure if it will have the same mimetype). No

KDE main modules

For apps in trunk/KDE/

Module Application Icon Name Description / Where can be found? Done? Assigned To
kdelibs kdeui (used by KIO jobs) Also used by plasma transfer dialog, but for the same purpose Move/Copy file(s)/directory(-y +ies) dialog High-priority, I am hesitant to revamp this dialog if the dialog's icons will be unfitting for this use...This is needed to make the file progress operation dialog be able to be collapsible. This dialog occurs when you copy or move, or delete a big file, or a big directory, and it takes time to perform.
Details(default mode=collapsed, to hide excess(not normally used) info.) see: proposed(bottom-left icon vista-ey) actual fallback (unpractical): Bottom left uses "arrow-up" & "arrow-down". I need 2 arrows, one up, and one pointing down (perhaps arrows), to display that you are going to be collapsing or expanding the dialog to show/hide information.
Clicking the arrow that is pointing up will change it to point down, and expand the dialog's size to show more information (technical statistic stuff) These I think need to be more subtle than the green ones, like the vista one (the one in the first image), we don't want this to stick out like a sore thumb.
A good name could be in actions "dialog-collapse" && "dialog-expand" OR "details-hide" && "details-show" Most likely the first few, they seem to be more specific - sreich
No Pinheiro
kdebase khelpcenter actions/help-contents-alternate help-contents as open book (used in the glossary tab for example) No
kdebase konqueror actions/edit-undo-close-tab konqueror undo closed tab [jpetso says: low priority, has a fallback to edit-undo] No
kdebase konqueror apps/preferences-system-network-proxy konqueror configuration dialog Proxy Yes Pinheiro
kdebase kwin apps/preferences-system-windows-effect Generic effect icon In Progress Pinheiro
kdebase kwin apps/preferences-desktop-effect Desktop effects config module No
kdebase kwin apps/preferences-system-windows-effect-boxswitch Boxswitch (alt-tab) effect (low priority) No
kdebase kwin apps/preferences-system-windows-effect-desktop-grid Desktopgrid (desktop switcher) effect (low priority) No
kdebase kwin apps/preferences-system-windows-effect-presentwindows Presentwindows effect (low priority) No Leeo
kdebase kwin apps/preferences-system-windows-effect-shadow Shadow effect (low priority) No
kdebase kwrite actions/window-duplicate An icon to duplicate the current window so that the new window contains the same contents as the current one. Probably keep it visually similar to the "tab-duplicate" icon. Yes jpetso
kdebase kwrite apps/preferences-plugin-word-completion-ktexteditor KWrite word completion plugin Yes swalko
kdebase systemsettings apps/preferences-desktop-launch-feedback Launch feedback config module In Progress Pinheiro
kdebase drkonqi apps/drkonqi icon for the kde crash manager Yes pinheiro
kdebase powerdevil workspace/powerdevil/kcmodule I miss an icon for "Do nothing". This could be useful also for other apps. I'd also like to have a "dynamic" icon , and a "conservative" one (for CPU governors)
extragear show dashboard places/user-dashboard icon for the show dashboard plasmoid Yes pinheiro
kdenetwork kopete (misc) (various) Emoticons for Kopete, See Projects/Oxygen/Missing_Emoticons In Progress in the emoticons sub dir in trunk dmiller
kdenetwork kopete systray icons Systray icons indicating status other than online are based on the old kopete icon. Proposal for an update: [jpetso says: hm... maybe we could get rid of these special icons by programmatically combining the application icon with the user status icons as emblems? That would be pretty flexible in communicating information (up to four different states shown at once) and would avoid other themes having an inconsistent look if they draw the Kopete icon but not the systray variants.] [Earthwings replies: Good idea, doesn't work for the "all-away" variant but that is more or less superfluous anyway. I'll look at implementing this. Edit: Done] Yes
kdenetwork networkmanager (various) Status Icons for the NetworkManager applet. Specifically icons to represent the signal strength of a wifi device and icons to represent the stage of connection (stage1-3). device-wireless would be a good candidate to also serve as a signal strength icon given that it has four rings around it (25%, 50%, etc). An icon is also needed to show when a wifi card is in Ad-Hoc mode. No
kdegraphics okular actions/view-table-of-contents-ltr / view-table-of-contents-rtl An icon (in both LtR and RtL versions) representing the table of contents. To be used for indicating the "Contents" tab in the okular sidebar. In Progress ltr Yes dmiller
koffice koffice icons (various) See various. icon names listed there are badly broken at the moment, take that wiki with a grain of salt. No
koffice kthesaurus apps/kthesaurus - bug #49983 application icon for the application that suggests similar words for a given one No
koffice Chart shape icons for pie chart, ring chart and scatter chart. And nicer icons for bar, line, area and polar charts :-) And the bars, lines and area are needed in 3 variations: normal, stacked and percent In Progress Pinheiro
koffice Karbon icon for zoom to selection, icon for zoom to document content; both icons appear in the status bar beside the zoom slider No
kdeedu kalgebra apps/kalgebra Application Icon kdeedu/kalgebra/icons No
kdeedu kig apps/kig Application Icon for Kig (kdeedu/kig/kig), a geometrical drawing program. DONE Pinheiro
kdeedu klettres klettres_kids & klettres_grownup Application Icon for Klettres [1], a letter learning program. my idea was this: i think, someone can do it better . here is a screenshot from klettres where you can see the old icons for 'mode kids' and mode 'grown up': No
kdeedu parley action/insert-row & action/insert-column Add a new entry in parley In Progress (jpetso: done already?) Leeo
kdeedu step application icon Application icon should be something that assosiates with physics and mechanics. Some ideas are here: done Pinheiro
kdeedu step icons for physical objects in Step Screenshots of current (quite ugly) icons is available on step homepage.
kdepim kjots apps/kjots or view-pim-notebooks Icon for note taking application kjots. No
kdepim kmail mail-download-now See this screenshot. The icon is displayed on the column header for the pop filter dialog. If the user clicks the radiobutton of the icon's column, the message will be downloaded with the current mail check. In Progress Pinheiro
kdepim kmail mail-download-later See this screenshot. The icon is displayed on the column header for the pop filter dialog. If the user clicks the radiobutton of the icon's column, the message will not be downloaded with the current mail check. The user still can download the message with a later mail check. In Progress Pinheiro
kdepim kmail mail-encrypted-full Status icon, displayed in the message list. Indicates that the whole message is encrypted. In Progress Pinheiro
kdepim kmail mail-encrypted-part Status icon, displayed in the message list. Indicates that some parts of the message is encrypted (for example, the body text is encrypted, but an attachment is not). In Progress Pinheiro
kdepim kmail mail-encrypted Status icon, displayed in the message list. Indicates that a message is encrypted, but with undefined scope or validness. In Progress Pinheiro
kdepim kmail mail-signature-unknown Status icon, displayed in the message list. Indicates that it is not known whether the message is signed or not. Clicking on the message will retrieve the real status, after clicking either no icon is shown (for unsigned messages), or the icon mail-signed-part or mail-signed-verified. In Progress swalko
kdepim kmail mail-signed-fully Status icon, displayed in the message list. Indicates that all parts of the message are signed. Does _NOT_ indicate that the signature is valid. This icon actually already exists in kdepim/kmail/icons, but has a green checkmark which leads the user to think that the signature is OK, which is a bug. So this request is actually to change that icon. Note that the icon was called mail-signed-verified before, which was wrong. That is where the confusion came from. Our fault (KMail dev speaking here) In Progress swalko
kdepim kmail actions/mail-mark-junk Action to mark one or more mails as spam (= junk). [jpetso says: high priority, also required by the icon naming spec] Yes pinheiro
kdepim kmail addressee-distributionlist (or something like that) KMail has an addressee selector, where you can select the receivers of the mail you write. Each addressee has a little icon which indicates whether that addressee is a single person or a group of persons (also named distribution list). The old icon for this was kontact_contacts, and showed three heads. The other icon for a single person shows a single head (user-identity, not the best choice probably, but there is nothing else). In Progress Pinheiro
kdepim kmail actions/mail-message-new-list Creates a new message, which will have the mailing list of the current folder as the recepient. Can be found in the context menu of a folder in KMail, but only after activating "Folder->Mailing List Management". [jpetso says: low priority, mail-message-new already exists as fallback.] In Progress Pinheiro
kdepim kmail mail-reply-custom Action to reply to a message with a custom template (made by the user). Note that there either is no fallback or the fallback does not work. [jpetso: You're right, there's no fallback. Possible fallbacks in the 4.0 Oxygen set would be mail-reply-sender, mail-reply-all and mail-reply-list. So that would make mail-reply-sender-custom, for example.] In Progress Pinheiro
kdepim korganizer actions/appointment-new The icon for the "New Event" action. Very important, and even in the icon naming spec. No
kdepim korganizer actions/task-new The icon for the "New Todo" action. No
kdepim korganizer actions/journal-new The icon for the "New Journal" action. I guess view-pim-journal overlayed with the plus icon should do. No
kdepim korganizer actions/address-book-open An icon for viewing, opening or selecting from an address book. Also used somewhere else (KAlarm, I believe), and combined with a plus icon it would be possible to get the specified address-book-new icon. [jpetso: Should we just use (copy) mimetypes/x-office-address-book?] No
kdepim korganizer apps/preferences-calendar-freebusy An icon for configuring free/busy time. No
kdepim korganizer status/appointment-recurring An icon to show a recurring event. No
kdepim korganizer status/task-recurring An icon to show a recurring incidence (event, to-do or journal). No
kdepim korganizer status/task-complete An icon to show a completed incidence (event, to-do or journal). No
kdepim korganizer status/task-inprogress An icon to show an incidence (event, to-do or journal) is in-progress to being completed. No
kdepim korganizer status/task-needsattention An icon to show incidence (event, to-do or journal) needs attention or action. No
kdepim korganizer status/appointment-reminder An icon for an event with a reminder. See the note for status/task-reminder below. No
kdepim korganizer status/task-reminder An icon to show an incidence (event, to-do or journal) with a reminder. Perhaps could be similar or identical to apps/preferences-desktop-notification-bell - we're using this one for now as a temporary replacement (jstaniek 16:52, 12 March 2008 (CET)). No
kdepim korganizer actions/meeting-attending An icon to show that you will attend a meeting No
kdepim korganizer actions/meeting-attending-tentative An icon to show that you are tentatively scheduled to attend a meeting No
kdepim korganizer status/meeting-organizer An icon to show that you are the person who organized and is in charge of a meeting Yes
kdepim korganizer reminder daemon korgac An icon for the KOrganizer reminder daemon that is used almost exclusively in the system tray No
kdepim korgac actions/reminder-suspend suspend a calendar reminder(s) No
kdepim korgac actions/reminder-dismiss dismiss calendar reminder(s) No
kdepim korgac actions/reminder-enable enable calendar reminder(s) No
kdepim kontact status/event-birthday maybe a cake with candles to represent someone's birthday No
kdepim kontact status/event-anniversary to represent a wedding anniversary No
kdepim kontact planner to represent a daily planner (show your appointments, stuff to-do, meetings, etc in an organized way) [jpetso: I think view-pim-summary (already in Oxygen) is the right icon for this.]
kdepim kontact status/event-special to represent a general special occassion. examples: holidays, birthdays, graduation, etc No
kdepim kontact status/event-holiday a non-religious holiday. examples: independence day, new years, etc No
kdepim kitchensync actions/sync-start The action to initiate a synchronization between to devices. No
kdepim akregator actions/feed-fetch The action to fetch a newsfeed (RSS, Atom, ...), quite similar to fetching mails actually. [jpetso says: low priority, probably post-4.0 stuff - they're already using icons that are not too far off) No
kdepim akregator actions/feed-fetch-all The action to fetch all newsfeeds (RSS, Atom, ...). [jpetso says: low priority, probably post-4.0 stuff - they're already using icons that are not too far off) No
kdepim knode actions/??? knode has two buttons with arrows, one with an arrow pointing right (go to the next unread article), the other one used to have a double-arrow pointing right (go to the next unread thread). The former is go-next, the latter is what is needed. Unfortunately I don't know how it could be called.
kdegames kbattleship kbattleship Apps main icon No
kdegames kblackbox kblackbox Apps main icon No
kdegames killbots randomteleport The action teleports the player to a randomly selected location where they may be saved or may die.
kdegames killbots safeteleport The action teleports the player to a randomly selected location where they are guarenteed to be safe for at least one turn.
kdegames killbots waitoutround The action causes the player to stay in place for the remainder of the round.
kdegames kmahjongg kmahjongg Apps main icon No
kdegames kmines kmines Apps main icon No
kdegames knetwalk knetwalk Apps main icon Yes johann_ol & trouvnez
kdegames kolf kolf Apps main icon Yes
kdegames konquest konquest Apps main icon No
kdegames kpat kpat Apps main icon No
kdegames kreversi kreversi Apps main icon No
kdegames ksame ksame Apps main icon No
kdegames kshisen kshisen Apps main icon No
kdegames kspaceduel kspaceduel Apps main icon No
kdegames ksquares ksquares Apps main icon No
kdegames ktuberling ktuberling Apps main icon No
kdegames kfourinline kfourinline Apps main icon No
kdegames lskat lskat Apps main icon No
kdenetwork kget status/network-connecting Shown while trying to connect to a server. --Uwolfer 21:05, 29 October 2007 (CET) No
kdenetwork kopete apps/im-aim Icon for the AIM instant messaging protocol No johann_ol
kdenetwork kopete apps/im-icq Icon for the ICQ instant messaging protocol No johann_ol
kdenetwork kopete apps/im-jabber Icon for the XMPP/Jabber instant messaging protocol Yes johann_ol
kdenetwork kopete apps/im-msn Icon for the MSN instant messaging protocol Yes johann_ol
kdenetwork kopete apps/im-yahoo Icon for the Yahoo! instant messaging protocol No johann_ol
kdenetwork kopete more protocol icons [jpetso: no time for retrieving the whole list right now] Icon for the [blah blah blah] instant messaging protocol No johann_ol
kdenetwork kopete apps/preferences-desktop-user-privacy Configuring privacy settings No davigno
kdenetwork kopete apps/preferences-plugin-text-effect-kopete Configuring text formatting special effects No davigno
kdenetwork kopete apps/preferences-text-autocorrection Configuring text autocorrect rules No davigno
kdenetwork kopete apps/preferences-text-highlighting Configuring text highlighting - icon exists but only in a low resolution No davigno
kdenetwork kopete apps/preferences-pipes-kopete Configuring piping settings - Probably like the old 'pipe' icon No
kdenetwork kopete status/dock-kopete-flashing icon flashed in system tray when new messages are received No davigno
kdenetwork kopete apps/preferences-status-manager-kopete Icon for Status Manager No
kdesdk kapptemplate apps/kapptemplate generates KDE 4 templates to start programming No
kdebase plasma plasma's toolbox Toolbox icon to replace the wrench icon. The toolbox (on the top right of the desktop, remember all the screenshots) will allow users to zoom in and out of the desktop, add widgets, configure the desktop, lock the desktop, run commands, etc. From what I understand it's a replacement of the right click menu. Several plasma developers suggested a 2D palette similar to plasma's techbase icon. ~Craig No
kdebase plasma battery.svg Battery applet uses battery to present different types of batteries. We would need overlay's in svg, similar as existing AC adaptor indicator, that could be used to present different types of icons. We need indicators for following types: primary/notebook (no indicator is OK), mouse, keyboard, mouse+keyboard (not sure if used), pda.
kdeaccessibility ktts apps/ktts(d?).png App icon for ktts is needed, and will be used for kttsmgr in menus, and for "Speak Page" icon in konq toolbar. Will probably also likely be used for ktts settings in accessibility system-settings page. Old icon was a parrot which fits I think.
kdeaccessibility kmousetool apps/kmousetool.png App icon for kmousetool is needed, and will be used for the application itselfs as well as it's systray. Kmousetool causes a click event when moving the mouse over click-able object and leaving it there for a certain amount of time.
kdeutils Okteta program icon Program (a hex editor) is currently in kdereview, heading to kdeutils. Uses the old KHexEdit icon for now Yes Pinheiro
kdeutils Okteta readonly/readwrite status icon The loaded file can be set to readonly, by a toggle. Readonly would be the exception, so the icon could be a striked pen, a pen in a prohibition sign (round white with red border) or similar. No
kdeutils Okteta actions/bookmark-remove icon remove the bookmark from the current location No
kdeutils Okteta actions/bookmark-remove-all icon remove all bookmarks No
kdeutils Okteta actions/bookmark-go-next or go-next-bookmark icon go to the next bookmarked location No
kdeutils Okteta actions/bookmark-go-previous or go-previous-bookmark icon go to the previous bookmarked location No
kreview autostart autostart Apps main icon
kdeutils kdf program icon kdf is a small application that shows the amount of free space on your mounts (like 'df').
kdeutils kfloppy program icon kfloppy can be used to format floppy disks with various filesystems.
kdeutils kgpg program icon a graphical frontend for gpg. you can use it to generate new keys, manage existing keys/trust (including communicating with keyservers) and for encrypting files.
kdeutils ktimer program icon used to launch scripts/programs at certain times. it's basically like a miniature-cron for your desktop.
kdeutils superkaramba program icon a piece of software that allows you to create interactive eye-candy for your desktop.
kdebase context plasmoid icon a containment for the Amarok Context
kdebase pager plasmoid icon switch between desktops
kdebase system tray plasmoid icon system section for the panel
kdebase window list plasmoid icon show a list for application windows
kdebase digital clock plasmoid icon the digital clock plasmoid.
kdebase analog clock plasmoid icon the analog clock plasmoid.
kdeplasma-addons binary clock plasmoid icon a binary clock plasmoid.
kdeplasma-addons file watcher plasmoid icon a plasmoid that works like "tail -f"
kdeplasma-addons fuzzy clock plasmoid icon a fuzzy clock plasmoid
kdeplasma-addons luna plasmoid icon a plasmoid that shows current lunar phase
kdeplasma-addons nowplaying plasmoid icon a plasmoid that displays what the player is playing
kdeplasma-addons timer plasmoid icon a count down timer
kdeplasma-addons KDE twitter plasmoid icon twitter plasmoid
kdeplasma-addons frame plasmoid icon a picture frame plasmoid
kdeplasma-addons 3D world plasmoid icon a 3D model for the earth globe
kdesdk, kdevplatform, kdeutils Kate, KDevelop, Okteta goto folder of current document (current name: dirsync or curfiledir), The icon is on a button which can be used to set the currently viewed folder in the embedded filesystem browser to the one of the currenly focused document (e.g. a text file in Kate) No
kdevelop KDevelop KDevelop Icon The icon for the KDevelop IDE

Applications in Playground

For apps in trunk/playground/

Module Application Icon Name Description / Where can be found? Done? Assigned To
network kopete-bonjour bonjour_protocol The icons to be replaced are here: playground/network/kopete/protocols/bonjour/icons.
base emoticonskcm You can found it in kdereview, for now i'm using the face-smile icon but it's too small, i think it would be enough to have a bigger version
games palapeli It's a jigsaw puzzle game. Currently, it uses actions/preferences-plugin as icon.
utils filelight Application to display disk usage in a graphical manner, using concentric circles. Currently it uses an icon made by mxcl (I think), made for the KDE 3 version.

Other 3rd party Application Icons

For all the other applications

Application Icon Name Description / Where can be found? Done? Assigned To
Opale opale.svgz ? Opale is a small though stable/maintained account planning application that can be compiled either as a Qt-only or a KDE application. I can be found as 'orzel' on irc. No
Amarok status/media-track-repeat An icon for the "repeat the current track" state. No
KPlayer, Amarok status/media-playlist-repeat

Option to loop through the current playlist. See screenshot, it's the next-to-last button in the second row.

No (...jpetso: used an interim copy of the playlist icon, but without nice "repeat" arrows)
KPlayer, Amarok status/media-playlist-shuffle

Option to shuffle the current playlist. See screenshot, it's the last button in the second row.

Kind of... copied the "roll" icon to that location
KPlayer, Dragon Player video-contrast

Button that pops up the slider that lets you change the video contrast. See screenshot, it's the fourth-to-last button in the first row.

KPlayer, Dragon Player video-brightness

Button that pops up the slider that lets you change the video brightness. See screenshot, it's the third-to-last button in the first row.

Firefox apps/firefox Firefox logo No
KMuddy apps/kmuddy current KMuddy logo (we don't have the original sources anymore, so we're very inflexible in our logo usage. Just a 16x16 and a 32x32 icon is all we got). KMuddy is a MUD client, so it's a program that allows you to play the fantasy RPGs, run around as elves and dwarves and such. ( #kmuddy on freenode is available No
GIMP apps/gimp GIMP logo No
ktorrent media-playback-all-start and media-playback-all-stop For starting and stopping torrents we want to use media-playback-start and media-playback-stop, so we would like some matching icons to start and stop all torrents. No Leeo
ktorrent apps/preferences-system-network-ip-filter-ktorrent Icon for KTorrent's IP Filter plugin. This is a blocklist for bad peers. No (jpetso says: hmmm... have i replaced this with view-filter already? ...) Leeo
ktorrent apps/preferences-plugin-scan-folder-ktorrent Icon for KTorrent's folder scanner plugin. This plugin monitors directories for torrent files, and when a new one is detected, it is loaded into ktorrent. No Leeo
ktorrent apps/preferences-system-network-upnp-ktorrent Icon for KTorrent's UPnP plugin. No Leeo
ktorrent apps/preferences-system-network-discovery Icon for KTorrent's zeroconf (DNSSD) plugin, also used by the "Network Discovery" page in the System Settings (which makes for the slightly different icon name). No Leeo
LyX apps/lyx Icon for LyX ( No
Minirok (and other media players?) actions/list-clear An icon for the "clear (play)list" action. Previously used "view_remove" from crystalsvg, which is now gone. please use edit-clear - Djmdave 15:07, 10 February 2008 (CET)
Partition Manager apps/partitionmanager Application icon for KDE Partition Manager No
QLandkarte apps/qlandkarte QLandkarte application (Garmin GPS tool for mapping/tracks/waypoints...) currently uses 16x16 world icon from Nuvola and author would be interested to get nice SVG icon for application.
KMess MSN Status icons If possible, oxygenized msn status icons.. it shouldn't be very long since they could be all color variants of just one image: Online, or with very little changes: Lunch please see user-* icons in status. if there are others that are needed, then please state them individually - Djmdave 15:07, 10 February 2008 (CET)
KGrab Main Icon Its a extragear fork of KSnapshot. At the moment i use the old Ksnapshot icon. We need a new oxygen Icon for KGrab. Tanks
Shaman status-installed, status-notinstalled status-upgradeable action-update We would are using the Oxygen-Icons in our program, but we can't find any status-icons which fit good :( (Currently using online/offline icons) No
Vencedor Standard online gaming actions for use with kdegames: We need "launch a game" vs. "join a game" vs. "watch/spectate a game" Used in toolbar buttons of Vencedor, the new KDE 4.3 online games launcher No
Vencedor Application icon Currently it lacks an app icon, too No
mameexecutor Application icon Currently lacks an app icon. Talked to pinheiro on IRC and he came up with an idea of an icon with a arcademachine, as the mameexecutor is a frontend for an arcade-emulator. in progress pinheiro
Kiosktool Application icon Currently lacks an app icon. Kiosktool is a systems administration application that can tune and configure KDE desktop settings.
KSystemlog KSystemLog icon App icon - Made by a non-graphic designer developer ;-) Yes (utilites-log-viewer) dmiller
Tagua tagua-movelist toggle movelist Yes - use actions/view-history
Amarok apps/amarok

App icon. Needs Oxygen colors, we don't really want to change design.

Yes - Jul 24 2007
digiKam application icon An icon to be used in splash screen, tool bar, help/about, taskbar etc. Old app icon Yes
We want to change completely and get rid of the pinguin. Here is a basig design I tried, but I'm not happy with it. Any help is higly appreciated.

Yes. see here. digikam's icon has been done for a very long time - Djmdave 15:07, 10 February 2008 (CET) ||

KPlayer status/audio-volume-muted

This icon already exists in Oxygen, but in only one size, 22x22 I believe. Would like to have a scalable version. [note from jpetso: please also a scalable version for the other audio-volume-* icons]

Yes Pinheiro
KMess Main Icon We are porting our MSN client for KDE and we'd appreciate a lot an oxygenized version of our hummingbird logo Yes - Feb 28 2008
Quassel Toolbar/menu icons for common IRC actions - join, part, voice, devoice, op, de-op, kick, ban, kickban, whois These are common commands for IRC (could have them as general icons namend irc-* like the im-* actions for IM-related actions) Yes pinheiro
Quassel Toolbar/menu icons for various other actions - connect-to-irc, disconnect-from-irc, status icon for connecting-state, change-nick More actions not directly mapping to IRC commands Yes pinheiro
Quassel Tray icons as variations of the existing WiP app icon - disconnected-state, unread-message Maybe even an animation for unread-message? At the very least, something that could blink to catch the user's attention would be cool, maybe just an envelope over the standard app icon? Yes pinheiro
Kaffeine Icons for (unencrypted) radio and encrypted radio / tv channels Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) includes radio and tv channels (devices/video-television is used for tv channels), which may be encrypted. See here for context screenshots (I've copied&hacked some oxygen icons as an intermediate solution till an oxygen variant is ready)

Misc Icon Requests

Update:Thanks Djmdave, for moving this here. Now the KWrite icon is totally missing. See: and other corresponding directories (scalable 64x64 etc). My request for two distinct icons for Kate and KWrite stands. Please see bug for more details and discussion.

  • Partly fixed in svn commit r733637 (fabo), missing all unmount icons and some others (MO Device and ZIP Device) used in *.desktop files:

List of missing icons with screenshot

List of missing icons from applications with related screenshot:


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