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    List of KDE4 missing icon on applications with screenshots.

    Please delete images from techbase when removing fixed icons from the list!!!

    Kalzium, toolbar
    systemsettings -> sound -> ESD device
    Kate, tools menu
    Dolphin, audio file preview
    Kiconedit settings ("icon templates" corrected)
    kgraphviewer settings
    Konqueror -> extensions -> micro format
    Konqueror -> settings -> configure extensions... -> bookmarklets
    Konqueror tools ("change browser identification" corrected)
    Kleopatra settings
    kcontactmanager toolbar (jpetso: I might have fixed this, please check back) (FiNeX: tested on revision 757534: it's not fixed)
    Kbugbuster settings
    KBlackBox toolbar
    Kinfocenter. On the treeview, all entries without the icon show the “?” near description.
    kword, custom document
    Kcoloredit toolbar
    Amarok genre icons
    Samba network icon
    Dolphin /media directory icon
    Kaffeine: Need icons for radio (both encrypted and unencrypted) and encrypted digital tv (unencrypted tv icon is ok); all four icons should visually "fit together" (kde3 screenshot for inspiration)