Projects/Oxygen/Missing Emoticons

This is a yet incomplete list of emoticons which are currently missing from the emoticons SVN tree.

You can access the currently available emoticons from here: /trunk/KDE/kdebase/runtime/pics/emoticons

or download them via SVN with

svn co svn://

The list is ordered by priority, because many of them are a lot more widely used. So, the first list items should be created and added to SVN before the last ones.

Text shortcutPossible nameMeaning
(l)lovean heart
(U)no lovea broken heart
(k)kisskiss; usually red lips
({)left hugperson hugging to the right
(})right hugperson hugging to the left
(w)wilted rosea wilted rose
(S)moona moon quarter
(h)hotface with sunglasses on; summer or coolness
+o(sicka sick face; being about to vomit
:-*secreta face telling something behind another face; telling a secret
8o|baring teethupset person baring his teeth
:@angryvery angry face
(y)yes"okay" hand sign
(n)no"no" hand sign
(^)birthday cake
(G)gifta wrapped gift
(B)beera glass of beer
(pi)pizzaa slice of pizza with sausages on
(D)martinia martini drink, with an olive too
(C)coffeea cup of coffee
(yn)fingers crossedhoping for something, crossing fingers
(h5)high five
(brb)be right backa jumping away smilie
(au)automobilea car
(mp)mobile phone
(~)movie strip

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