The Sprint

Location: The Nokia office in Redwood City

Time: 30th to 31th of October (for the sprint), followed by 1th to 3th of November (for Developer Days) - housing isn't arranged yet, if you can host someone, please contact me.

Topic: Meego in KDE and KDE in Meego

Nokia has offered access to Qt Developer Days Munich 2010 for the participants in this sprint.


To sign up, please email Alex/blauzahl with your full name, your irc nick (if you've got one), and your travel cost estimate. Include if you have a pass and hotel room paid for by somebody else. If you are local to the area, can you offer help in car transit/etc? Also please include a short introduction to yourself if you aren't sure if I know you personally. You might want to poke me on irc as well. Blauzahl

  • Alex Spehr/blauzahl (already have a pass) Blauzahl
  • Marijn Kruisselbrink/Mek

If you are interested in the training on Nov 1, mention that in the email above and put your name below.

  • Alex/blauzahl Blauzahl
  • Marijn Kruisselbrink/Mek

Discussion points

Please enter points you have which you would like to take up at the sprint here:

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