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Bugsquad top level pages

Upcoming BugDay make sure this is up to date


List of people who have helped with BugDays, nonofficial & incomplete.

BTW KDE session will not exit fully if there are drkonqi windows open.

sample bug bt and problems with it

Pages to move out of userspace

How to triage bugs.

cf User:Grundleborg's version

Priority list of 4.2 rendering bugs

Standard bug text

  • Kubuntu

Unfortunately, we can't help you with debugging distribution problems. However, these places can: on #kubuntu (you can use to access)

The release notes might give a clue: FAQ:

Annoying bugs so I can find them again

    • these 2 bugs together are evil^10!! they gave me testing pleasure for about 10 hours :( katastrophe 22:48, 17 June 2008 (CEST)
      • poor katastrophe! Note to onlookers: these tend to be reported to the konq component
  • makes Der Spiegel unreadable :P (gwenview bug) bug #161443
  • flash on kde4 messed up because of qt3's gtk engine bug #162824
    • Quote Pinotree: The reason is simple: do *NOT* use gtk-qt-engine for gtk. Otherwise, your konqueror4 will load the flash plugin, that in turns uses gtk, that in turns loads Qt3 (because of gtk-qt), and the imcompatibility between Qt3 and Qt4 will do the rest. (He closed it as invalid. [Is] a dup.)
  • nVidia
User:Lemma/GPU-Performance (moved to userbase now)


  • IMAP

lost mail

  • Plasma

download widgets crash

  • kmail

bug #131507 bug #107649

Pino's very short triage intro: "pre-filter" or "how to do incoming triage"

  • Look at the new bugs, and sort them out (invalid, or reassign them, or marking as dupe if it is, etc)
  • Use the "New reports since 3 days" link on your bugs.k.o homepage. That's the start point, or read kde-bugs-dist via which is:

Pages to look at



Khtml stuff


Bugs I should file/testcase

  • tax website

Making things work


usually you get undefined symbol errors or weird crashes. Typical bic error: in this case libjpeg is bic.

QObject::connect: Connecting from COMPAT signal (KTabBar::moveTab(int,int)) konqueror(1850)/kdecore (KLibrary) kde4Factory: The library "/home/vitor/kde/lib/kde4/" does not offer a qt_plugin_instance function. Wrong JPEG library version: library is 70, caller expects 62


  • Software Libre Maxorata - GCDS'09 [1]
  • grancanariadesktopsummit - Flickr [2]
  • Gran Canaria Desktop Summit - Flickr [3]
  • Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 09 - Flickr: sebr [4]
  • Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 09 - Flickr: r0uzic [5]
  • GCDS Canonical Welcome Party - Flickr: jriddell [6]
  • Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009 - [7]
  • Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009 - [8]
  • Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 09 - Facebook: Alexandro Colorado [9]
  • Spain & GCDS 2009 - Meni Livne [10]

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