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* [[User:camilasan|Camila Ayres]], smayres at gmail dot com
* [[User:camilasan|Camila Ayres]], smayres at gmail dot com
* [[User:marcovinycios|Marco Vinycios]], marcovinycios at gmail dot com
* [[User:marcovinycios|Marco Vinycios]], marcovinycios at gmail dot com
=== Polish Team ===
* [[User:Toudidel|TOUDIdel]], toudidel at gmail dot com

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Welcome to the contributors page.

This site contains a list of active contributors. It should help to build teams which maintain KDE TechBase's content. If you have questions about KDE TechBase you can ask/email the corresponding person.

Please add yourself to the list where appropriate. If you are inactive, please remove yourself again.


This is a list of KDE TechBase administrators.

  • Danimo, <danimo at kde dot org>
  • Dhaumann, <dhaumann at kde dot org>
  • Tstaerk, <thorsten at staerk dot de>
  • [[User:Icwiener|Icwiener, <schwarzer kde org>

Reviewers and Article Writers

If you are continuously reviewing KDE TechBase changes or writing articles add yourself to the list.

Translation Teams

KDE TechBase is translated into many languages. If you translate pages please add yourself to the right translation team.

Chinese(simplified) Team

  • Liangqi, cavendish.qi at gmail dot com
  • HualiangM, hualiang.miao at googlemail dot com
  • Yifan, enthumelon at gmail dot com
  • name, <email>

Spanish Team

German Team

Italian Team

Tamil Team

... Kerala Amrita

Portuguese (Brazil) Team

Polish Team

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.