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Help:Wiki Translation


This article describes how to translate articles into other languages. Please make sure to also read the last section called important notes.

Step 1: Language Abbreviations

As an example let us assume you want to translate the following page to german:

The language abbreviation for german is de, thus, all articles will have the ending " (de)" (with a leading space).

Reference: list of language abbreviations.

Step 2: Create the Article

Sometimes a link in the language navigation bar already exists. In that case, simply click on the link you want to translate. Otherwise, create the article manually:

As initial content simply use the content of the corresponding english page.

Step 3: Language Navigation Bar

The article must contain the following template line in order to show the language navigation bar:

  • {{Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar|Development/Tutorials}}

This magic line expands to the language navigation bar for the article Development/Tutorials. Note, that the line does not contain the language abbreviation.

Step 4: Language Missing?

If the language is missing, please search for the right abbreviation (see Step 1). In the example above this abbreviation is " (de)".

Edit Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar and add a line for the language you want to translate:

<span lang="de">[[{{{1}}}_(de)|Deutsch]]</span>

Replace 'de' by the language abbreviation and adapt the visible name.

Important Notes

As the wiki uses subpages it is likely that translators run into the following issue.

Assume the following pages exist:

1. Development/Tutorials
2. Development/Tutorials/Debugging

Further assume you want to translate (1) to german (postfix de).

The final page will be

3. Development/Tutorials_(de)

The english content of (2) uses relative wiki links like /Debugging. Translating Debugging in (3) might result in

Development/Tutorials_(de)/Debugging      # wrong, or
Development/Tutorials_(de)/Debugging_(de) # wrong

This is wrong.

The rule of thumb is that the language abbreviation always appears at the very end of the article, that is the right link is supposed to be


So be sure you adapt the links in the article to use absolute paths everywhere (i.e. no leading slash '/' in the wiki links).

Quality Assurance

The system administrators and contributors try to keep a close watch at the content, but with foreign languages this is sometimes getting hard. It would be good, if you add yourself to the Watch list (just click Watch). That way you will be noticed by mail whenever the article was changed. This will help to keep the wiki clean of e.g. spam, which unfortunately already happened.

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