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cleanup confusing sections and fix sections which contain a todo

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İçerik eklemeye ya da değiştirmeye başlamadan önce, lütfen ilgili makaleleri okuyunuz:

Wiki Söz Dizimi

MediaWiki söz dizimi hakkında bilgi edinmek için, bunları okuyun:

The most important commands are summarized in the Wikipedia Cheatsheet. Information about how to migrate content can be found here.


Syntax highlighting
Wrap your C++ Qt/KDE code snippets in <code cpp>, <code cpp n>, <code cpp-qt> and </code> to get syntax highlighting (cpp for C++, cpp-qt for Qt) and numbered lines (n). Replace cpp with the language used, e.g. ruby for Ruby and python for Python (soon). Use ini for .desktop files, xml for XML files. Use plain <code> for wikitext (for now).

New Templates

To get a list of pages using a template, go to corresponding template page (e.g. Template:movepage) and click "What links here" in the toolbox.

Use this template to mark a page as not finished.
Pages which need cleanups or contain empty sections and/or todos are marked with this template. Add an explanation if you want (optional)
Use this template to add a tip for the reader.
Use this template to add an explanatory note.
Use this template to add a warning.
{{qt|class-name}} and {{qt3|class-name}}
Use this template to generate a link to a Qt class, e.g. QWidget. For Qt3 classes use {{qt3|class-name}}
Use this template to generate a link to a KDE class, e.g. KDialog.
Use this template for paths and filenames, this way all of them have a consistent style.
Use this template to automatically create a link to KDE's bugzilla.
Use this template to mark the content of a page as applicable for either KDE 3. Don't tag technology agnostic pages. For KDE4 content, use [[Category:KDE4]].
A template for tutorial navigation
Use this template to create a box with a caption and a text. The width parameter is optional and can be specified absolute (400px) or relative (50%). The last parameter is the float value, which is also optional and defaults to center.

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