The {{Class}} template creates a link to the API Documentation for a member Class of the KDE Frameworks.



The numbered variables may be used without names as positional parameters, and the text= variable may be used with any quantity of other variables. Such as:

  • {{Class|<className>|<library/module>|<frameworksVersion>|text=<linkText>}}, or
  • {{Class|<className>||<frameworksVersion>|text=<link text>}}, or
  • {{Class|<className>|text=<linkText>}}

Usage Examples

  • {{Class|KColorDialog}} looks for the docs of the KColorDialog Class in the KDE Frameworks.
  • {{Class|KProcessList::KProcessInfo|kcoreaddons}} shows the docs for the KProcessList::KProcessInfo Class in the KCoreAddons library.
  • {{Class|KColorDialog|kdelibs|3.5}} shows the docs for the specified class in version 3.5 of the KDE Frameworks.
  • {{Class|KColorDialog|kdelibs|3.5|text=Color Dialog}} shows the docs for a different version and defines the link text.

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