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The following pages contain documentation about KDE's design and architecture in detail. They do not replace other documentation like API documentation, tutorials/howtos and standards, see the development portal for further information.

For a better understanding it might help to be familiar with Nokia's™ excellent Qt documentation and Developer Zone.

Mais informações sobre a instalação do KDE está disponível na seção dedicada a administradores de sistemas.

Design Documents

Resumo da Arquitetura do KDE 4
Uma visão geral da arquitetura do KDE 4, incluindo discussões sobre técnicas comuns, bibliotecas, e aspectos gerais sobre o desenvolvimento. Isto para KDE 4.0.
Resumo da Arquitetura do KDE 3 (Original)
An overview of the KDE 3 architecture, including discussions of common techniques, library classes, and general development issues. This is for KDE 3.0.
KDE 2 Architecture Overview
An overview of the KDE 2 architecture, similar to the above. This is for KDE 2.2.
Design documents from 1999-2000.

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