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Developing Qt4 Applications using Qt Designer and Ruby on Kubuntu
Tutorial that shows how to design a simple User Interface in Qt Designer and then use the resulting widget in a Qt Ruby application we build from scratch.

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Quickstart Guide to the Wikitext syntax used in KDE Techbase

Deploying Qt Ruby Applications as a Debian packages for Kubuntu

Q. What is the difference between writing a Qt application and KDE application? A. Qt targets multiple platforms and it's widgets provide only functionality that is available on all target platforms. KDE widgets are specialised for the KDE desktop, thus KDE takes a Qt widget and enhances it for the KDE environment. For example, a QDropdownBox might not provide auto-completion because only some target Qt platforms support it - whereas the KDE version will include this functionality in a KDialog (TODO: Get a specific correct example). Additionally KDE contains components for networking, displaying and file system abstraction which would not be available in Qt. If your program needs to run on on platforms other than KDE then you will need to use Qt widgets - if it's KDE you're focused on then go with a KDE application and KDE widgets.

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