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One of the first hurdles to overcome when contributing documentation to any project is getting used markup that may be used in such documentation systems. KDE Techbase uses MediaWiki's syntax which is user friendly to newbie documenters when it comes to simple editing. But as add more content to your articles you often want to be able to use things like separate boxes on the page to highlight Tips or code segments. Here is a W.I.P. list of these things and a gotcha here and there.

Displaying a Tip box or Note box

KDE Techbase uses templates in order to display things like Tip boxes and Note boxes. Templates use the same format as MediaWiki's templates - and is pretty simple when you know how. You can use the Rich editor or the regular editor in order to create these types of items.This guide only covers using the regular editor (it's easier!). So if you are used the Rich editor, click the Wikitext icon so that you see the raw markup in your editor.

  • To create a Tip box enter
    {{Tip|Content goes here}}

This should give you

Content goes here

  • To create a Note box enter
    {{Note|Content goes here}}

This should give you

Content goes here

  • One particular gotcha is that if you want to put some code like
    x = 0
    in a Tip or Note box the equals sign will give problems. If this happens just use a HTML Numeric Character Reference instead such as
    instead of the equals sign
  • (Note: A HTML Character Reference convertor is available at )

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