This is an organizational page for a KDE Promo event: Northwest Linux Fest Please join the kde-promo mailing list and/or #kde-promo if you are interested in helping!

Basic Details

  • 25th and 26th of April 2009
  • Bellingham Technical College, Bellingham, Washington, United States of America.
  • Approximately 60 minutes by car from Seattle International.
    • Rent a car at airport or get a local to drive us: people going with licenses so far: condordes. (Alex if she gets her ID! Bug her!), person driving Chani down?
  • Carl Symons, the LFNW guy, suggested that for most booths 1-3 people was sufficient [note: that is *in* the booth, presumably]
    • How many we need probably depends on how much swag/stealables we'll have and how many people are giving talks. And if we have people who like to eat food or not. Blauzahl


Item Person Done Cost
5 port switch
4 6ft cat 5 cables
2 power strips & one for each hotel room
1 25ft heavy duty orange extension cord.
2 Demo pcs
"Tip jar" fish bowl or vase
2 21" LCD monitors
Pens for booth personnel
Blue table cloth in the color of any of the Oxygen blues
Heavy duty safety pins
50" Nylon cord.
Mug and Candies (pretzels!)


Item Person Done
Sign stating donate what you think KDE is worth to you
Sign for suggested donations for swag
1 KDE banner: KDE logo and the "Be Free" tag line
30 second "elevator talk" about KDE 4.2
500 copies of a black and white letter sized fact sheet on KDE 4.2
500 CDs
Press release announcing KDE presence

Travel weight

Person Heavy? Bulky? What?
Ian N Y blades, else ship
Alex Y Y swag? signs
? ? ? other hardware
? Y N brochures/paper
? Y Y distro CDs
? - - ?

Travel Costs

Person Home Aero-dome Total Costs including taxes in USD
danborne Los Angeles 220 USD
geiser Philadelphia ~400 USD
chani Vancouver not sure (<100?)
alex Oakland/SFO <200 USD

Hotel rooms

  • Which hotel do we get? This sort of depends whether we rent a car or are hitching rides i.e. no hotel is right across the street from the college. Their website lists the following local choices and deals:

The Hampton is apparently about 4 km away and danborne does not mind walking. [danborne]

    • You might mind walking after being on your feet all day?Blauzahl
  • If we have some sort of transportation, we could camp... that is pretty much free. We might also ask if they've extra dormintory space.
    • I'd think they would have mentioned it if that were an option, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I'd think staying with locals would be more likely. I have no clue how large of a city it is there, so I have no clue how feasible camping is. I guess I do have a sleeping bag now. :D Hauling camping gear on top of the rest of what we're taking sounds suboptimal, however. Blauzahl


Person Topic Needed Items
Chani creating plasmoids no clue
geiseri? kiosk? no clue
alex? bugsquad/kde intro? no clue
jefferai??? amarok/phonon? no clue
Dan? Introduction to KDE/ Localisation of KDE Probably laptop
your name here! topic no clue

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