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A list of "high priority bugs" to fix before the 4.3 release was requested.

Here is my attempt to come up with something that is a reasonable setup for this, feel free to edit it. Where does this site lie on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is useless/doesn't work and 10 is almost perfect

You *need* to be on trunk for this.


(Update as needed)

Person | revision

blauzahl | my memory of 4.1.8x from when i wrote this :P

Generic bugs

Bugs that are flash-related and could all be the same

Bugs that are javascript

Bugs that are CSS

Bugs you aren't sure what above category they fit into but have somehow managed to testcase

High profile sites that have problems

Social networking sites

  • (5) (especially popular in usa)
    • Does it still have the error message when you follow a "tab"?
    • Albums of facebook are not centered correctly
  • Ning (1) (not sure who uses this, but we've gotten bug reports)
    • Last I knew, this site barely worked. We have a test kde account (kde4lovers or something goofy, there is a bug report with someone who is willing to test it with you)
  • (????) (big in brazil)
  • (big in germany)
  • (big in iran and with kde devs)
    • "next" doesn't work, nor do sidebar searches; prce bug apparently
  • (even bigger with kde devs)
  • chat (2) (big in usa, at least the main site)
    • flash-based, apparently a mess in other browsers too; I don't think we have any reports on the rest of this site
  • (?????)


  • yahoo mail (?)
  • gmail (???)


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