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I've tried to install K4W several times (under Windows XP and Vista) in the past and only the other day did I work out a procedure that wouldn't fail. The things I learned are this...

1) The installer will fail if executing it directly from within Firefox's downloads list. The way it fails is that the configured paths are not picked up so the installer tries to install to the Firefox directory, but fails. My guess (and this is just a guess) is that it is not picking up the paths because they are set using environment variables but, since it is basically running within the scope of Firefox, it cannot see the new environment variables that it has created.

2) Trying to install into long paths containing spaces may be an issue with the installer.

The safest way to install K4W is to install is to copy the installer to C:\ and run it from there using Windows Explorer (or the command prompt) and define the temp directory as C:\KDE-packages and the installation directory as C:\KDE. That's how I managed to get it installing after a long time trying.

Note that the Virtual Store feature under Vista (and probably Windows 7) could probably be causing all sorts of issues if installing and running from "C:\Program Files" - it's probably best to leave this possible issue out of the equation and install somewhere else, such as to the suggested directories.

-Andreas T

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