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jstaniek 19:52, 11 January 2008 (CET): Move these docs to the TechBase if relevant:

Musik/Sound Issues

Getting mp3-support in KDE for Windows is major PITA at the moment, so this section needs defintly improvement to be end-user ready.

The first step would be get a hold of all codecs and check which are the best and fit best in our purpose.

After we found the best solution the next step would be to integrate this into the installer. The codecs could be installed automaticly or the user could be given choice and also educate him of legal conseqences.


    Release of Amarok Beta 1 Nerrivik for Windows
	July 29th, 2008
    After joint efforts, the KDE on Windows Team is glad to announce availability of the first Beta release 
    of Amarok. 
    Note that the quality of this software differs from its Linux counterpart
    and might only reach Alpha level so far. Nevertheless, users are invited to file related bug reports using the <a href="">KDE Bugzilla</a> web site. <a href="">custom term paper</a>
    The official release notes were published the Amarok Team at <a href=""></a>.
Windows binaries are available via the <a href="">KDE Installer</a>.
    (<i><a href="mailto:ps_ml[AT]gmx[DOT]de">KDE on Windows Team</a></i>)

KOffice 2.0 Beta 1

Announcement: Release of KOffice 2.0 Beta 1 for Windows

Along with other platforms, the KDE on Windows Team has released 
the first beta version of KOffice 2.0 running on MS Windows.

As stated in the <a href="">announcement</a>, 
the goal of this release is to prepare a basically usable 2.0 
version thanks to feedback from both users and developers 
on the new user interface and underlying infrastructure. 
Therefore, Windows users are also invited to join the community.

Note that the quality of Windows version of this software differs from its Linux counterpart. 
A number of components might only reach Alpha level so far or might be currently unavailable on Windows.

The official release notes from the KOffice Team are published 
at <a href=""></a>. 
 Windows executables for the new KOffice are available directly via the 
<a href="">KDE Installer</a>.

(<i><a href="mailto:kde-windows[AT]kde[DOT]org">KDE on Windows Team</a></i>)

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