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Hi, I'm brand new user. I added some things but after concluding I'm too clueless about the site, rolled them back.

My question: Would not the gloss and POS comments be more helpful in the non-native language? Meaning the Frysk parentheticals would be written in English. I mean to say, Frysk speakers will know which words are nouns and verbs while English speakers are less likely to. Or?

Thank You, Snakesteuben 16:34, 18 August 2008 (CEST)

First a welcome, Secondly, the list is there to guide the translators to the right translations to what we find is standard for the Frisian KDE. Of course this list is used in other programs to.

Me as an translator don't use the nouns and verbs comments a lot, but when I use it, I like it to be Frisian, that's what I understand. We as Frisian Speakers really have most of the time no clue what is an verb are a noun, mainly because most of us, didn't learn the language in school. We speak it from the day we are born but writing is a different ballgame.

Looking at some you tried "authorisation |rjochten [rights], permisje [permission], oanmelding [logging in]" This can't because than you're introducing a new standard translation for authorisation, not that rjochten [rights], permisje [permission] is wrong, but it isn't that much used in KDE in that context. Also when I lookup permission in the list I get a different translation.

I doubt if it’s useful and not one step to much for this list, my opinion of course. --Ytsma 15:59, 20 August 2008 (CEST)

Thank you very much, Ytsma. I get it now; the list is KDE specific. I found the list via google, looking for plain old general vocabulary references. I didn't actually know what KDE was then. (But I do now, and very much admire you and all your colleagues.) Snakesteuben 05:26, 22 August 2008 (CEST)

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