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Add links to plasma classes in api.kde.org019:53, 7 March 2016

Add links to plasma classes in

After reading the ToolTipArea section I've tried to search in "ToolTipArea" to better understand how it works, but the class name is ToolTip. So I've found convenient to add a direct link to the class documentation in the ToolTipArea section when ToolTip is first mentioned.

In the same way I suggest to add link to the other classes when we first mention them, since this provides a more convenient way to access the documentation of the component under consideration. contains tons of stuff and it's not easy to navigate if your are not experienced in KDE. As an example if you search tooltip more than 30 results appears, concerning KDE4 and other stuff. It's not straightforward to filter for "frameworks" if your are not used to the nomenclature. This is another reason to add links here to directly point to the relevant classes.

Simgunz (talk)19:53, 7 March 2016

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