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These lines make no sense (okay, "no" is exaggerated):

"Just install the corresponding -dbg package. e.g. kdepim-dbg for kmail crashes."

"Then you should install a -dbg package for the application which crashed. For example if KOrganizer crashed you should install kdepim-dbg as well."

-- Both say to install a -dbg package that corresponds to the package that is crashing, but then refer you instead to "kdepim" -- it should say "kdepim-dbg for kmail crashes (because kmail is part of kdepim)" It should also hint at how to find out what -dbg you need if you don't know. (ie. if you're running Quanta and don't see anything like "quanta-dbg" in your repository.)

It looks to me that the opensuse links or not working any more. Does anyone have the correct links?