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    Things you see here are work in progress. Please don't trust them.


    KNewStuff 2 will have all its files in one sub-directory tree, one treebranch for each app using it. Default will be KStandardDirs::locate("appdata", "addons").

    Typically this is /???

    To initialize it call Handler::initLayout();

    NOTE: .desktop (metadata) files will be copied in $KDEHOME/services/. You can use KTrader to locate them.

    They will be namespaced this way: $appname-$pkgname-$pkgversion-addon.desktop

    Packages will be renamed as: $pkgname-$pkgversion.kns

    And the file containing release notes will be called $pkgname-$pkgversion.txt


    The following layout will be used:

    • addons/ <-- Note: this name may change
      • installed-list <-- List of installed packages?
      • May we store here infos/configs that applies appwide?
      • $packageName-$packageVersion/
        • metadata file (see the packager section for additional informations)
        • (optional) Icon
        • (optional) Release notes for package
        • $packageName/
          • $file1
          • ...
      • $packageName2-$packageVersion2/
        • metadata file
        • (optional) Icon
        • (optional) Release notes for package2
        • $package2Name/
          • $file1
          • ...
      • Packages/
        • package.kns
        • package2.kns
      • ...