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Prakash and Akarsh are at FOSS.IN/2009 and are going to do a KStars "workout". They'd appreciate any ideas for easily-doable bugs / features and hard ones too. Apart from Prakash and Akarsh, there are a few other prior KStars contributors who are present around and they'll probably be contributing during the workout.

The purpose of this wiki page is to aggregate links to bugs / wishlists and categorize them according to difficulty, so that they can be tackled at this workout.


Easy Bugs

  • Fix the Alt. vs. Time night time bug

Difficult Bugs

  • Debug the Sky Calendar
  • Fix the inconsistencies with comets
  • Fix all the translation bugs

(Look into descriptions in the Junior Jobs site)

Fix the bugs in Find Dialog

  • Jupiter and Saturn moons are shown twice, ex. "Io"
  • The entries are untranslatable even if they are translated in the map
  • There are 10 empty items at the beginning, displayed when "All" or "Stars" is used as the filter


NOTE: We need to create an unfrozen branch to commit features / new strings now as we're under a string + feature freeze.

Easy Features

  • FindDialog betterment

Add support for genetive names like "alp cma" in the Find Dialog

Difficult Features

  • Comets that looks like comets

Description in the Junior Jobs site.

  • Allow easy system-wide download and installation of add-on catalogs, allow deactivating of every add-on catalog without removing it

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