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The "building blocks" documentation is a project to move portions of documentation that are included in many places throughout KDE's documentation (either by entities, copy/paste, or worse, duplication of effort), into a single docbook included with kdelibs that can be linked to from all other documentation. For more information on the reasons behind this work, see this mailing list thread.

If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact the KDE Documentation Team.



These portions have been written, converted to DocBook, and are present in branches/work/doc/buildingblocks.

Awaiting Conversion to DocBook

These have already been written by Google Code-In students, but still need to be converted to DocBook.

  • Color Chooser
  • Find/Replace
  • Font Chooser

Need Migration from Entities

These exist in kdelibs.git/kdoctools/customization but need to be moved to the new building blocks documentation.

  • Help menu


These portions have not yet been written.

  • Spellcheck

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