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    Before you can use the Qt/KDE bindings with Ruby, you have to install Ruby itself. On the most linux-based systems, ruby should be installed already. So just check before installing it, if it is installed already. On Windows and Mac OS it isn't most likely preinstalled.

    Test Installation Of Ruby

    Start a shell and try to get the version of your ruby installation. In the case of a working ruby installation you get something like this.

    > ruby -v
    ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [x86_64-linux]

    In any other case you can proceed to install ruby and check afterwards the installation again.

    Installation Of Ruby

    General information are also provided by the official ruby site on their download page.

    Installation On Linux-based Systems

    The most linux packages delivers already configured binary packages of ruby that can be installed by the package manager of your distribution. This way is recommended. The installation from source code is possible, but not preferred, because the automatic installation of the bindings requires the binary package of ruby. The installation of ruby by source code should be not complicated, but installing the bindings manually requires advanced knowledge in different development tools.

    Generic Installation
    Start you favorite distribution specific package manager and add a the package "ruby". There may be some additional packages like "ruby-devel", "ruby-doc", etc. Maybe you want to install them to.
    Installation on openSUSE
    Start YaST, open the module called something like "add/delete Software", change to Installation Patterns and activate "Ruby Development". Install the chosen packages.
    Installation on Ubuntu
    Follow the specific ubuntu help to install the ruby package.

    Installation On Mac OS


    Installation On Windows