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Ruby-Qt/KDE Book
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This tutorial uses Qt4 Ruby bindings that no longer work on Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5.


2% completed (estimate)


Status Of Writing

About Ruby Bindings

Through the engagement of only a few guys the project Korundum on Rubyforge was raised, which allowed to use the famous Qt toolkit within the [ruby language]. The bindings were were ported to allow the use of Qt4 and KDE4. After years of development this bindings can be considered as stable for production usage. [1]

Future Plans

After creating a minimum of content the wiki pages will be copied into a book made with LaTeX for people prefering to work with a printed version of this set of tutorials. Afterwards the book should be synchronized with the wiki maybe every half year.


Installation Of Ruby

Installation of Ruby
setup ruby itself for end-user and developers

Installation Of Bindings

Installation on Linux
setup ruby bindings for end-user and developers on Linux-based systems
Installation on Mac OS
setup ruby bindings for end-user and developers on Apple Mac OS
Installation on Windows
setup ruby bindings for end-user and developers on Microsoft Windows

The Ruby Language


Before starting into Ruby-KDE hacking you may want to refresh your Ruby. Or do you meet Ruby for the first time? Take a look on these sites:
Official Ruby Homepage with a lot of information
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
Very famous ruby guide in comic style
Test Ruby right in your browser
a lot of ruby documentation with usefull links
Ruby Programming from Wikibooks

Usefull Tools
Share Ruby code with friends (i.e. in IRC)
Share usefull code snippets in different languages and learn from other people
Improve the Vim editor with intelligent Ruby code completion features
Ruby Editors
List from the Ruby Programming Wikibook

First Steps

Hello World
Start with some simple ruby programs using Qt


  1. Richard Dale: KDE Bindings in KDE 4.5. In: his blog (January 2010).