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    The plain KDE Logo displays the white trademarked K-Gear shape on a blue square with mitered corners. The exact official color of the blue background color is Pantone 300 C (which is equivalent to CIE L*a*b 40,-13,-63). Various approximate device dependent color space representations include:

    purpose color space value
    screen design RGB #0068C6
    printed matter CMYK 100 43 0 0

    Other approximate media dependent color matching system representations include:

    purpose color matching system
    offset printing Pantone 300(U/C), HKS 44, Euroscale 100%C 43%M
    serigraphy Marabu 1526
    lacquering RAL 5017


    Detailed Logo (Lineart)

    • screen design: to be used in large appearances (> 128x128 pixel),watermarks, patterns etc.
    • print design: for use in corporate context in printed matters (letter heads, business cards, etc.)

    Simple Logo (Lineart)

    • screen design: to be used for small patterns.
    • print design: for use in printed matters where the KDE Logo measures less than 10x10 mm

    Logo in Crystal Design

    • screen design: to be used for desktop artwork (e.g.icons, splashscreens) and webdesign.
    • print design: for use in home user context