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KDE 可用性計畫旨在提升 KDE 可用性和使用者體驗:

  • 在開發人員中推廣可用性實踐
  • 實施可用性活動以協助提升用戶的回報
  • 協助設計開發中使用者介面

更多內容在KDE 可用性計畫網站。

KDE Usability Project Meetings

KDE 4 人機介面指南(HIG)

如果對指南有意見建議或提出一些指南中遺漏的東西或其他的什麼,請把他們放到HIG 問題網頁。We will refer to this page during the Season of Usability KDE4 HIG project.

User Research Profiles

The purpose of this template is to provide a place to document an application's user research information for reference during development. Top level items are information everyone in the project should be aware of. Some of the details in the lower sections may take some work and discussion within the project to complete.

Project User Research Template


These projects have been called to work on their user research profiles:

Case Studies and Reports

Case Studies


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