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KDE 技术基地欢迎您

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KDE 软件的技术信息。

Note is the primary place for technical information about KDE targeted at developers, ISVs and sysadmins. KDE operates three wikis, listed at



Technical information for people who write KDE Software. Including how to set up a development environment, Tutorials, API Documentation, FAQs and how to contact other developers and maintainers.



Information for system administrators managing KDE deployments, from a handful of computers with one or two KDE Applications to thousands of machines running the Plasma Desktop. This area is also useful for power users wishing to tweak their own installations.



Information for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who are interested producing software that builds on KDE technologies or integrates with the Plasma Desktop.

If you are willing to contribute, please read Tasks and Tools before starting. If you already contribute, check out Stats to see the top 10 contributors for the week, the most popular pages and most discussed pages.

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