Reaction: A KDE technology integrate new ways between KDE and user reaction

Hello, in this wiki page I am trying to express my idea for a new KDE technology that will make possible to the user using KDE with special touchpads abilities, motion gloves, movements' detection with the use of web cameras and everything else high tech input devices. Also one other purpose of Reaction is the integration of output devices or technologies like video eyewear monitors.

Just a hopeful idea, nothing more yet. I haven't write any code yet but I believe that Reaction will give new experience to user. I aim to create a demo of the technology wich will expose the useability of KDE with a joystick, or a high featured mouse

The reality of today

If we check our home hardware input devices, we will find keyboard mouses, touchpads, joysticks, gamepads with many abilities but almost all those features are able to the user only on very few games and only when running MS windows. the support of those hardware devices in linux is enough good but there isn't software uses the real power of the hardware.

Mayby in Future :-D

For example:

  • With a advanced touchpad(ex synaptics) or mouse we could:
    • Manage plasma Desktop and plasmoid without the usage of the special menus.
      • Resize and rolate of plasmoids.
      • Add/Remove plasmoids.
      • Access to Plasma Dashboard
      • Plasma specific operations
      • Change virtual Desktop
    • Application specific operations:
      • Okular
        • Change pages
          • zoom pages
          • Open/close files
      • Amarok
        • Play/Stop music tracks
        • Change tracks
        • volume control
      • Konqueror
          • Surfing of course
          • Zoom in pages
          • File browsing

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