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  • 160428 bug # 160428 I am not sure if this is really a bug: The website is full of JavaScript which raises a lot of error messages. Konqueror works perfect, in case you be patient. It raises a lot of "Error" Message windows which get the focus. I think this is normal for this kind of message - or should it be possible to access the menu? Firefox shows the same behaviour.
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript><!--

// Hide the JavaScript from older browsers

(window.alert("Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!"))

// End hiding of script 

// --></SCRIPT>

<P><FONT size=7>Felicitari !!!!</FONT> <BR>  <BR>  
<P><FONT color=ghostwhite size=6>Acesta a fost un test pentru mouse si pentru NERVII tai. S-au inregistrat 55 de click-uri</FONT>
<P><FONT color=ghostwhite size=6>O zi buna !!!</FONT>
<P><FONT color=aliceblue size=6><A href="">back to index</A></FONT></P></CENTER>
<P><BR>  <BR>  </P></body>


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