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  • account needed 160693 nor NOR Gen UNCO beta bloglines site

renders an empty page

  • not a bug? user:googlefish/BUG160428 nor NOR Man UNCO User is unable to exit gracefully from this page without ...
  • also in 3.5.8 160459 nor NOR uns UNCO Website vertically expands to infinity on scrolling
    • seems to be the java menu, local copy of html + css file works fine
    • added to testcase needed
  • 160784 nor NOR Com NEW html form submit broken on
    • still in trunk, 3.5.8 works (JAVA?)
    • added to testcase needed

  • 160409 nor NOR Com NEW Konqueror hangs often recently, using 100%CPU
    • need to try a little bit harder... nothing so far
  • 160619 nor NOR Com UNCO scrolling causes tab pane corruption
    • not yet reprod.
  • 160672 cra NOR uns NEW reproducible crash on "Juce API" page
    • works fine on my revision
    • crashed while browsing... testcase?

 160788   cra   NOR   Fre   NEW      Crash in popup blocker code 
 160849   cra   NOR   Fre   UNCO      Some pages crash in khtml::KHTMLParser::p... 
 160862   nor   NOR   uns   UNCO      [site-issue] a frame renders smaller than it should 
 160884   cra   NOR   Com   UNCO      crash in imload/image.cpp:60, the assert fails 
 161074   nor   NOR   Com   UNCO      XML parsing error - Outlook Web Access

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