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1. download the source 2. download .bashrc from website 3. use these paths:

(default in the .bashrc if possible)

tip, run konsole as your user then freedom

Removal of moc files when prefixes change:

   for i in `find -name '*.moc'; do rm $i; done;
   for i in `find -name 'moc_*'; do rm $i; done;

filemanagement views -- shared between dolphin and konq

icon behavior -- actions assigned by delegate

copy from gwenview to folder view stuff

if it doesn't work nuke your build directory

fisheye behavior for details view as option / default bevior

action panel column in dialog

qca does not install -- we will install ONLY this qt plugin as root

kde-46@chum:~/kde/build/kdesupport/qca$ su aaron -c 'sudo make install'

make install

-- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/include/QtCrypto/qca_securemessage.h -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/include/QtCrypto/qpipe.h -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/lib/pkgconfig/qca2.pc -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/mkspecs/features/crypto.prf -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/share/man/man1/qcatool2.1 -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/lib/ -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/lib/ -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/lib/ -- Set runtime path of "/home/kde-46/kde/lib/" to "/home/kde-46/kde/lib" -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/bin/qcatool2 -- Set runtime path of "/home/kde-46/kde/bin/qcatool2" to "/home/kde-46/kde/lib" -- Installing: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/crypto/ CMake Error at qca/plugins/qca-logger/cmake_install.cmake:42 (FILE):

 file INSTALL cannot copy file
 "/home/kde-46/kde/build/kdesupport/lib/" to

Call Stack (most recent call first):

 qca/plugins/cmake_install.cmake:37 (INCLUDE)
 qca/cmake_install.cmake:71 (INCLUDE)
 cmake_install.cmake:37 (INCLUDE)

make: *** [install] Error 1 makeobj[0]: Leaving directory `/home/kde-46/kde/build/kdesupport' kde-46@chum:~/kde/src/kdesupport$ vim CMakeLists.txt kde-46@chum:~/kde/src/kdesupport$ cb kde-46@chum:~/kde/build/kdesupport$ cd qca/ kde-46@chum:~/kde/build/kdesupport/qca$ ls

-- Installing: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/crypto/ -- Set runtime path of "/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/crypto/" to "/home/kde-46/kde/lib" kde-46@chum:~/kde/build/kdesupport/qca$ cs kde-46@chum:~/kde/src/kdesupport/qca$ cd .. kde-46@chum:~/kde/src/kdesupport$ vi CMakeLists.txt

comment out the qca line

kde-46@chum:~/kde/src/kdesupport$ make install

kdebase/apps/dolphin/src/views is what is shared between konqueror and dolphin using kpart

dolphinpart.cpp is the main plugin file.

check out whipup

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