1. download the source 2. download .bashrc from website 3. use these paths:

(default in the .bashrc if possible)

tip, run konsole as your user then freedom

Removal of moc files when prefixes change:

   for i in `find -name '*.moc'; do rm $i; done;
   for i in `find -name 'moc_*'; do rm $i; done;

filemanagement views -- shared between dolphin and konq

icon behavior -- actions assigned by delegate

copy from gwenview to folder view stuff

if it doesn't work nuke your build directory

fisheye behavior for details view as option / default bevior

action panel column in dialog

qca does not install -- we will install ONLY this qt plugin as root

[email protected]:~/kde/build/kdesupport/qca$ su aaron -c 'sudo make install'

make install

-- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/include/QtCrypto/qca_securemessage.h -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/include/QtCrypto/qpipe.h -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/lib/pkgconfig/qca2.pc -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/mkspecs/features/crypto.prf -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/share/man/man1/qcatool2.1 -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/lib/ -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/lib/ -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/lib/ -- Set runtime path of "/home/kde-46/kde/lib/" to "/home/kde-46/kde/lib" -- Installing: /home/kde-46/kde/bin/qcatool2 -- Set runtime path of "/home/kde-46/kde/bin/qcatool2" to "/home/kde-46/kde/lib" -- Installing: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/crypto/ CMake Error at qca/plugins/qca-logger/cmake_install.cmake:42 (FILE):

 file INSTALL cannot copy file
 "/home/kde-46/kde/build/kdesupport/lib/" to

Call Stack (most recent call first):

 qca/plugins/cmake_install.cmake:37 (INCLUDE)
 qca/cmake_install.cmake:71 (INCLUDE)
 cmake_install.cmake:37 (INCLUDE)

make: *** [install] Error 1 makeobj[0]: Leaving directory `/home/kde-46/kde/build/kdesupport' [email protected]:~/kde/src/kdesupport$ vim CMakeLists.txt [email protected]:~/kde/src/kdesupport$ cb [email protected]:~/kde/build/kdesupport$ cd qca/ [email protected]:~/kde/build/kdesupport/qca$ ls

-- Installing: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/crypto/ -- Set runtime path of "/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/crypto/" to "/home/kde-46/kde/lib" [email protected]:~/kde/build/kdesupport/qca$ cs [email protected]:~/kde/src/kdesupport/qca$ cd .. [email protected]:~/kde/src/kdesupport$ vi CMakeLists.txt

comment out the qca line

kde-46[email protected]:~/kde/src/kdesupport$ make install

kdebase/apps/dolphin/src/views is what is shared between konqueror and dolphin using kpart

dolphinpart.cpp is the main plugin file.

check out whipup

lookup this is under system administration link from tutorials desktop console

bug found

vertical panel, top one does not move check it out

feature request

it is now too easy to move widgets, accidental mvoements of widgets add a texture and tile to vertical tool bar

export of widgets =

Aaron S posted neat export functionality in JS to pastebin

Feature request

Add highlighting to deskop scripting thru this

[email protected]:~/kde/src/kdebase/workspace/plasma/desktop/shell/data$ vi plasma-desktop-js.xml

Trace some KDE mime-type kmessage box errors that are popping up when using dolphin in trunk

Feature idea

in double click make it so text in filename can be selected --- hover over makes text selectable

little icon panel feature idea add rename to a mini taks


make items go a sub level deeper -- I don't care about you -- without messing up system placed items in menu.

Or delete them -- basically like windows where you can customize your own view of the start menu


Make scripting desktop have inline completion

making scripting desktop have a second panel that lets clear scope be expected.


when panel covers plasmoid handel, it does not move to other side.

undo plasmoid movement

= bug23

when a windows can hover panel is over a plasmoid, the handle may be under the panel, if the cursor moves from the panel, over the plasmoid, and the plasmoid is covered.

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