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[http://api.kde.org/classmapper.php?class={{{1}}}&module={{{2|kdelibs}}}&version={{{3|4.0}}} {{{1}}}]<noinclude>
[http://api.kde.org/classmapper.php?class={{{1}}}&module={{{2|kdelibs}}}&version={{{3|4.x}}} {{{1}}}]<noinclude>
=== Usage Examples ===
=== Usage Examples ===

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Usage Examples

  • {{class|kcolordialog}} looks for the docs of KColorDialog in kdelibs from KDE trunk.
  • {{class|Syndication::Feed|kdepimlibs}} shows optional parameter for lookup in other modules.
  • {{class|kcolordialog|kdelibs|3.5}} shows optional parameter to look up the docs in a different version.

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