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Compiling failed due to 'undefined reference to vtable ...'

When compiling, cmake failed during the linking process. undefined reference to `vtable for MainWindow'

I received this error, after making one tiny mistake: I named my headerfile mainwindow.hpp instead of mainwindow.h Once renamed, everything should work fine.

Tiny hint: if you quickly want to copy the source displayed in this tutorial, but are as annoyed as I am about the line numbering which is copied as well, use the edit function of this site to access the (barebone) sourcecode.

I just tested this with Konq, Firefox and Opera and none of them copied the line numbering. What browser are you using? --milliams 15:00, 22 March 2008 (CET)

Solution for "undefined reference to `vtable for MainWindow'"

When I tried to compile the code, I got the same error:

undefined reference to `vtable for MainWindow'

This is because you have to change CMakeLists.txt in order to generate .moc files. Just add this line:


Then you also have to add this line at the bottom of mainwindow.cpp:

#include "mainwindow.moc"

This fixed the problem for me. Please try this and post your results so I can correct the tutorial.

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