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I think that a number of the articles this page is linking to should rather be under Development/Tutorials and the scope of this page should be reduced. A page called Devlopment/Documentation seems like it could cover everything --milliams 16:18, 19 February 2007 (CET)

Ok, let's go through the list:

  • Makefile.am Howto
should go to Development/Tutorials/KDE3
  • Finding out about KDE's installation - kde-config
already exists here
  • KConfig Module HOWTO
should go to Development/Tutorials/KDE3
  • Debugging HOWTO
already exists here
  • Driving Konqueror from the command prompt
already exists here
  • Memory leak hunting HOWTO
should be cleaned up and integrated here. maybe I even did that already
  • KDE Internationalization (i18n) HOWTO
already exists here for kde4, and if at all should be in Development/Tutorials/KDE3 for kde3
  • Porting to Qt 4 and KDE 4 Porting Guide
partly exists already here, see also the discussion!
  • KDE API Reference Documentation HOWTO
already exists here
  • KDE 3 Porting Guide
do not port at all (kde2 is deprecated! really), or put it into Development/Tutorials/KDE3


  • Binary Compatibility Issues with C++
already exists here
  • Common Programming Mistakes
hey, the first one we have not ported yet. should be moved for kde4 into Development/Tutorials (TODO)
  • KDE Developer's Checklist
look svery old. if migrated, please fix it for kde3 or even kde4 (TODO)
  • Designing Qt-Style C++ APIs
we don't need it. the link is already mentioned in Policies/Library_Code_Policy
  • Shared Memory Notes
indeed, we don't have that ported, yet. I think it makes sense to add it to Development/Tutorials/Debugging as a short article (TODO)
  • What is Scripty?
indeed a TODO :)

The rest of the links are already in the Tutorials section (at least the important ones).

As you can see, I/we have put a *lot* of efforts into this. I don't see a reason right now to have Development/Documentation at all. I'll remove it again, if you guys agree :)

so we have 4 TODOs if we count the developer's checklist (which seems really old indeed, but useful to have?) ... i'm in favour of getting those done as per your notes and agree that this page can go...

--Dhaumann 19:56, 19 February 2007 (CET)

Sorry about the duplication then, I just started so I didn't realize that many of the articles had already been migrated, please feel free to rearrange as you like. --Mpyne 00:18, 21 February 2007 (CET)

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