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    Tutorials are the fastest way of finding out what KDE will do for you, and how to do it. Here is a list of currently available tutorials for KDE3 development.

    If you are working with a newer version of KDE software, visit the main tutorials page

    Getting Started

    Qt Designer and KDevelop 3.0 for Beginners (Original Link)
    Qt is the toolkit used by the KDE project for developing graphical applications. Currently, translations are available through the original link. This paper, written by Anne-Marie Mahfouf, shows a beginner how to create a simple application using Qt Designer 3 and KDevelop 3. This tutorial is based on an application written by Jono Bacon and has been reviewed by Daniel Molkentin (for the KDevelop 2 version) and Thomas Nagy. Translations to German, Russian, French, Italian, and Romanian available at the original site. Brought to you by KDE-Women.
    KDE 3.0 Tutorial
    An excellent tutorial by KDE developer Antonio Larrosa Jiménez leading you from nothing to a fairly full featured web browser. Highly recommended for KDE 3.0 developers.
    Programming Tutorial for KDE 3 HOWTO
    Make the KDE 3 build system work for you. This HOWTO shows you how to do most anything you would need to do to get your application to compile and install

    Components and Plugins

    KDE User Interface Tutorial (XML GUI)
    Tutorial by KDE developer Kurt Granroth showing how to convert an existing KDE application to use the new XML based user interface builder.
    Creating KParts Component
    Tutorial on IBM DeveloperWorks, by David Faure shows developers how to create KParts components, under KDE 2 and KDE 3.
    Developing a Plugin Structure for a KDE Application
    This tutorial will take you through all the steps needed to write a plugin structure, plus plugins for your KDE application.
    Providing file meta-data support with KFile plugins
    Tutorial by Brad Hards that describes how to write a meta-data plugin for your favourite file format. It is presented as an example based tutorial.
    Embedded Components Tutorial
    Tutorial by KDE developer Kurt Granroth showing how to convert an existing KDE application into a component suitable for embedding in Konqueror.
    How to write Kontact plugins
    Kontact plugins
    KConfig Module HOWTO
    A small tutorial about writing a module for the KDE Control Center.
    Using the KDE dock widget
    Tutorial for creating widgets that dock to other widgets.
    Introduction to Get Hot New Stuff
    An introduction to the developer-friendly network update system that allows KDE applications to fetch new application data at runtime in a user friendly manner.

    Components and Plugins


    KWin decoration styles
    Tutorial on creating decoration plugins for the KWin window manager (KDE 3.2 and later).

    Scripting and Application Automation


    Creating Konqueror Service Menus
    This tutorial shows you how to create mimetype-specific actions in Konqueror's context menu (aka "servicemenus").