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The architecture page for KDE4 is very much work in progress. Let's try to get a good overview and a table of contents as a starting point.


  • Plasma - The desktop
  • KWin - Advanced window management including compositing
  • Strigi - Desktop search engine
  • Nepomuk - Meta Data library
Multimedia & Communication
  • Phonon - Multimedia framework
  • Decibel - Framework for real time communication
  • Akonadi - Centralized PIM storage solution
  • DNSSD - DNS-based Service Discovery Protocol, also known as Bonjour or Zeroconf
Core Technologies
  • KParts - KDE's component architecture (e.g. Kate, KHTML, Dolphin)
  • KIO - KDE's network transparent input/output system
  • Kross - Scripting framework
  • D-Bus - Full support for Inter Process Communication (IPC)
  • Services - Plugin System
  • MimeTypes - File associations and content/data types
Hardware Awareness
  • Solid - Hardware and network awareness
  • ThreadWeaver - Multithreading framework
  • Localization - Language support
  • Standard Compliance (fd.o)
  • KNewStuff2 - Collaborative data sharing
  • Sonnet - Spell- and grammar-checking technology
Further Highlights
  • KGGZ - Simple access to the GGZ Gaming Zone, a free online gaming centre
  • KOffice Architecture
  • KDevelop - Development Platform and IDE
  • Kdepim Suite - Private Information Management
  • Amarok


Every article should cover the following parts

Quick overview of what this is about
Highlights, interaction with other components, internals, ...
Why is this cool, i.e. worth to be listed in the KDE4 architecture page
Further Resources
Link to development tutorials and similar resources

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