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The architecture page for KDE4 is very much work in progress. Let's try to get a good overview and a table of contents as a starting point.

  • Plasma - The desktop
  • KWin - Advanced window management including compositing
  • Strigi - Desktop search engine
  • Nepomuk - Meta Data library
Multimedia & Communication
  • Phonon - Multimedia framework
  • Decibel - Framework for real time communication
  • Akonadi - Centralized PIM storage solution
  • DNSSD - DNS-based Service Discovery Protocol, also known as Bonjour or Zeroconf
Core Technologies
  • KParts - KDE's component architecture (e.g. Kate, KHTML, Dolphin)
  • KIO - KDE's network transparent input/output system
  • Kross - Scripting framework
  • D-Bus - Full support for Inter Process Communication (IPC)
  • Services - Plugin System
  • MimeTypes - File associations and content/data types
Hardware Awareness
  • Solid - Hardware and network awareness
  • ThreadWeaver - Multithreading framework
  • Localization - Language support
  • Standard Compliance (fd.o)
  • KNewStuff2 - Collaborative data sharing
  • Sonnet - Spell- and grammar-checking technology
Further Highlights
  • KGGZ - Simple access to the GGZ Gaming Zone, a free online gaming centre

KOffice Architecture KDevelop - Development Platform and IDE Kdepim Suite - Private Information Management Amarok

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