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== Purpose ==
A ''slider'' is a widget with which a user may set a value by moving an indicator, usually in a horizontal fashion. The user may also click on a point on the slider to change the setting. It is different from a scrollbar in that it is typically used to adjust a value without changing the format of the display or the other information on the screen. A slider is used to set defined, contiguous values or a range of discrete values. It is a good choice when values have a relative quantity, not a numeric value. Usually, changes made on the slider are shown immediately. That instant feedback supports input that is not necessarily precise. Compared with spin controls a slider provides faster changes within a larger range but with lower accuracy. Sliders are almost solely operable by mouse.
== Guidelines ==
* Use a slider when adjusting the value relative to its current value is more important than choosing an absolute value.
* Use a slider when it is useful for the user to control the rate of change of the value in real time.
* If the value is open-ended on one or both ends, consider using a [[../Spin_Box|Spin Box]] instead.
* Label the slider with a text label above it or to its left, using sentence capitalization. Provide an access key in the label that allows the user to give focus directly to the slider.
* Mark significant values along the length of the slider with text or tick marks.
* Give immediate feedback while user makes a selection.
* Size the control so that a user can easily set the desired value.
* Do not use a non-linear scale, e.g. logarithmic.
== Implementation ==
* [http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qslider.html QSlider]

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