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A search function allows to generate a subset out of a big number of items on ground of a user defined pattern. The function is essential to find matching items in case of a extended list or if the position of target(s) is unknown, as well as when bulk operations should be executed.


  • Search operations must not take seconds.
  • Make the search result persistent. Users must not need to research after selecting or referencing an item.
  • Consider to allow iterative search on result lists.
  • Provide paging/scrolling of results.
  • Do not inherit artificial intelligence from users. Search operations have always be clear and comprehensible to users.


  • To show or not to show':'
    • Always show search input. Do not hide the availability from users.
    • Show input control only when users start the search.
    • Hide the control in case the search is not the primary function of the app, but show a small button which indicates clearly the availability of the function.
  • How to present results (Depends on use case?)
    • Highlight search results (KCM mode).
    • Hide non-matching results (Kicker mode).
    • Generate a new list that matches the search pattern (KRunner mode).

Best Practice

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