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== Rich Lists: Rich Selection List ==
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=== Summary ===
A list offering detailed information (such as an icon, title and two lines of description) from which one or more items may be selected.
=== Solution ===
''Rich Selection List with checkboxes and info buttons''
All elements of a rich list (beyond the item's name) are optional and should only be used if necessary information for the user. The elements of the list are (from left to right):
* [[../Checkbox|Checkbox]] or [[../Radio Button|radio button]] (only select; an action is only performed when a global action button is clicked}
* Icon representing the item or a graphical preview. Icons or images are optional; be sure to use only if each item has a discrete icon/preview.
* Item name.
* Short description of item (below item name). Include a description that is more telling than the title. The maximum length is two lines of text.
* Information Button (i). Use to display additional information in a separate window.
Below the list there is at least one button to perform an action using the selected item(s).
If you need the possibility to display more information or other actions than selection, use a [[../Rich Manipulation List|Rich Manipulation List]].
=== Related Patterns ===
[[../Rich Lists|Rich Lists]]; [[../Rich Manipulation List|Rich Manipulation List]]

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