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=== Summary ===
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A group of items that might be changed  on a rare occasion (such as added, removed or re-ordered) is available to the user. Because of the infrequency of use, save valuable screen space by only showing the full list of items on demand.
=== Solution ===
[image of Item list]
A list of items from which a picker dialog is launched.
* The target list is not directly editable. Provide an "edit" or "add" button at the bottom left of the list.
** If the order of available items can be changed, provide up/down buttons to the bottom right of the list. Drag and drop may also be used in addition.
[image of Picker dialog]
The Picker Dialog displayed.
* On clicking the "edit" or "add" button the Picker Dialog is displayed above the target list while ensuring that the target list can still be viewed.
* The Picker Dialog includes:
** the complete list of available items
** a title of the available items located at the top of the list
** a checkbox for each item to the left of the item name (see [[Rich Lists]] if more information must be displayed)
** a close button to the bottom right of the dialog
* Upon selecting a checkbox the item is immediately displayed in the target list.
=== Related Patterns: ===
[[Edit Lists]]; [[Two Lists with Arrow Buttons]]

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