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Keyboard shortcuts help users perform common actions quickly through the keyboard instead of accessing the functionality in the UI with a mouse.

Global Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Key Altern. Binding
File Menu
New Ctrl+N Create a new document
Open Ctrl+O Open a document
Save Ctrl+S Save the current document
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S Save the current document
Reload F5 Reload the current document/view
Print Ctrl+P Print the current document
Close Ctrl+W Close the current document
Quit Ctrl+Q Quit the application
Edit menu
Undo Ctrl+Z Undo the last operation
Redo Ctrl+Y Shift+Ctrl+Z Redo the last undone operation
Cut Ctrl+X Shift+Delete Cut the selected area and store it in the clipboard
Copy Ctrl+C Ctrl+Insert Copy the selected area into the clipboard
Paste Ctrl+V Shift+Insert Paste contents of clipboard at mouse/cursor position
Select All Ctrl+A Select everything in the contents area
Deselect Ctrl+Shift+A Deselect everything in the contents area
Find Ctrl+F Find
Find Next F3 Find the next match
Find Previous Shift+F3 Find previous match
Replace Ctrl+R Find and replace matches
Delete word forward Ctrl+Delete Delete word from current cursor location to the end.
Delete word backward Ctrl+Backspace Delete word from beginning to current cursor location.
Go to line... Ctrl+G Move cursor to the corresponding line.

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