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The user has a set of themes each with the same user-definable attributes available to them. Themes can be added to or deleted from the list. There is a preview of the theme and an edited theme can be saved as a new one. Additional themes can be loaded from a file or from the internet.


Colorthemes Example: Administration of color themes. A preview is displayed above the list of themes, the available options are to the right


  • Place the list of available themes on the left.
    • If there is additional information available on the themes (eg. author), place an "i"-button to the right of the names (optional). Clicking the button displays the information in a layer.
  • On the top right display a preview of the selected themes
  • Place configurable options/attributes below the preview. If several elements of the theme can be configured seperately, allow clicking an element in the preview to edit it's attributes

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