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Patterns are a combination of user interface controls arranged and used in a specific way to satisfy a specific behavior.


  • Command Patterns - Select command patterns appropriate for the application command structure.
  • Navigation Patterns - Select navigation patterns appropriate for the application content.
  • Content Patterns - A collection of consistent ways to view or manipulate with application content
    • Images - Guidelines and patterns for displaying images
    • Icons and text - Patterns for consistently showing icons with text
    • Viewing vs Editing - Patterns and guidelines for laying out content that is primarily viewed.
    • Search and Filter - Patterns for exposing search and filter functions
    • Breadcrumbs - Support navigation by a breadcrumb trail, if appropriate
    • Wizard - Patterns for guiding the user through a series of step to accomplish a task
    • Tooltips - Patterns for consistent presentation of information in tooltips.
    • Dual Lists - Apply the dual list pattern for several selections out of a large number of (multiple) items.
    • Slider and Spinbox - Apply the slider and spin box pattern for numeric input with both large changes and precise control.
    • Simple vs, Advanced Settings - Provide setting in both simple as well as advanced configurations for Plasma control modules (KCM) as well as any other KDE software

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