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K New Stuff (or Get Hot New Stuff) is an integrated data service which allows users to share and download themes, templates, wallpapers, and more through a single click of a button in the application.
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Because of translation issues, a single class cannot be created which controls the icon and label automatically. Developers must manually create the button in their application. The following are recommendations on what that button should look like.
For more information about the usability issues regarding the KNS button, see [http://obso1337.org/hci/kde/KNS_Review_July_14_2009.pdf this report].
A KNS button has four parts:
*Icon: use get-hot-new-stuff.png
*Instruction: "Get New"
*Object: The type of file the user will download
*Ellipsis: To indicate the user must provide additional input to complete the task
KNS has it's own oxygen '''icon''', get-hot-new-stuff.png. This is placed on the left side of the button. The button label is a combination of the '''instruction''', '''object''', and '''ellipsis'''. For example, if the button will help the user download new wallpapers, the button label would be "Get New Wallpapers...".
Here are some examples of KNS buttons:

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